As a customer it is super easy to get attracted to good colorful packaging.

Hence when selecting the colors for your promotional products keep the color psychology in mind.


The color red is known to be the most eye catching one on the spectrum.

It is known for us intensity has a stimulating vibe which induces a sense of urgency. It is perfect for promotion as it can be spotted from afar.


is known for a sense of serenity peacefulness

Making it perfect for promotional products which are  associated with nature.

It has a positive vibe to it making it a good choice of color.


is considered to be the most common marketing color because of its relaxing nature. It is also known to be the most masculine color around. Making it great for promotional products.


Power, discipline, and strength is what defines the color BLACK. The brands planning to target sophistication can definitely use it as their marketing color.

YELLOW the happiest one on the color spectrum.

It doesn’t only give on the happy vibe but is also great at catching eyes to the promotional products.


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